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20191016 - Bare Opera - Don Giovanni's D


I am a New York-based Argentinian opera singer and director who aspires to create ambitious, technologically sophisticated new works as well as stagings that bring canonical works into the present moment.


I was always intrigued by conventions in opera; sometimes I’ve been charmed by them, but often conventional productions left me thinking of the limitations they brought to the creative process. 


This curiosity and eagerness motivated me to start creating and directing my own productions. I found myself exploring the boundaries of the operatic art form, working with other disciplines in a seamless way that both maximizes their power of expression and that frees ideas to take different forms. I am passionate about productions that explore the intersections between different disciplines as resources in the search of poetry, essence and depth, and that challenge tradition in a meaningful way.


Part of my signature style is using technology as a means to bring the subconscious and the surreal onto the stage in a way that is poetic and meaningful. In immersive performances and through VR, interactive techniques and projections, I aim to bring out in the open images that represent the human soul and experience. 


I honor that each member of the audience and each artist collaborating with me has a rich inner universe. I search for what I feel to be genuine, moving and beautiful and I find that when I share my own weird and inexplicable inner experience the audience is able to connect with their own. I like to meet audiences’ curiosity and sensibility. I hope to empower the agency they have to explore and enjoy my productions and that they find them both mysterious and revealing.


Opera has been reinventing itself since the early 1700’s and has survived changes of fashion and taste. I aspire to present operas whose creation process and staging reflect the spirit and soul of our time. Meeting audiences’ curiosity and sensibility, I hope to empower the agency they have to enjoy my productions and that they find them both mysterious and revealing.

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