"The Late Walk" Decameron Opera Coalition + Bare Opera

10 creative teams. 9 companies from across the United States. 4 electric episodes of new opera.

Boccaccio’s 14th century masterpiece  “The Decameron”  involved ten characters passing the time while sheltering from a plague by telling one another stories – stories comic, tragic, romantic, sexy, terrifying. The Decameron Opera Coalition has adapted those stories for the modern pandemic era.

Bare Opera presented The Late Walk, a new one act opera composed by Jasmine Barnes, with libretto by Nikolaus Cox, conducted by Laetitia Ruccolo and directed by Malena Dayen with video design by Sangmin Chae. The cast featured Alaysha Fox, Briana Hunter, Suchan Kim and Kirsten Scott.

The Decameron Opera Coalition's “Tales from A Safe Distance” has been inducted into The Library of Congress's “Performing Arts COVID-19 Response Collection.”

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